Kraftwerk Uncovered – live

Icebreaker with J Peter Schwalm


Kraftwerk Uncovered

A Future Past

A live reworking of Kraftwerk’s music by J Peter Schwalm, with film by Sophie Clements and Toby Cornish


Following their highly successful Brian Eno/Apollo tour, Icebreaker are turning their focus on another contemporary electronic pioneer – Kraftwerk.

German sound-scape artist and composer J. Peter Schwalm has created a new work for Icebreaker based on material from a range of Kraftwerk tracks.  Drawing deeply on the imagistic and sonic legacy of Kraftwerk’s back catalogue from the little known radical early albums, to iconic material from Autobahn, Computer World and Trans-Europe Express, Schwalm articulates their journey from experimental krautrock band to international icons.

Described as the eyes to Schwalm’s ears, Sophie Clements, a long time collaborator of Schwalm, and Toby Cornish are producing an accompanying film for this work. Filmed almost entirely in the Ruhrgebeit, the district from which Kraftwerk famously come, the film makes direct reference to Kraftwerk’s heritage, setting the scene, for a picture of Germany at the time of early Kraftwerk, whilst at the same time touching upon themes ever-present in Kraftwerk’s vision – technological progress, and man’s relation to it.

A purposeful departure from the dehumanised high-tech of the current Kraftwerk shows, the show references an earlier era of technological and industrial innovation, and the experimental or avant-garde film and sound work that came as a result, presenting at the same time a nostalgic vision of a ‘future’ now passed, and a modern reworking of a lost utopian dream.

Premiere performances: 24th January 2014
IMAX Theatre, Science Museum London

and touring.

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Posted on September 23, 2013 in Icebreaker Live