Emma Welton


Emma Welton studied music at Manchester and York Universities, specialising in performance and composition.  She plays acoustic and electric violins, and occasionally double bass.  In addition to Icebreaker, she is a member of Black Hair, and [rout] ensembles specialising in the performance of new composed and devised music.  She has recently joined Dartmoor-based Music on the Edge, and will performing a new commission for the group from Mike Westbrook in 2013.

She has given solo violin performances at Exeter Cathedral, Peninsular Arts’ Contemporary Music Festival at Plymouth, and at the Plymouth and Exeter launches of the Nonclassical club night.  She thrives on collaborating with composers and other musicians to develop new work in music and sound.  As a counterbalance to this she runs community choirs, teaches violin and tutors ensembles.  She composes music when necessary.  She has an eclectic musical background, having spent some years playing in folk bands, an Indian music band and a jazz quartet.’

She lives in Exeter, and is producing and performing in ‘Back there on earth’, and other projects with Exeter Contemporary Sounds, touring new music with pre-recorded soundtrack and film to South West venues in 2012 – 2013.