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Despite early violin studies Mel (Ian D Mellish) initially trained as an artist, only seriously rekindling his interest in music later, graduating with first class honours in electronic music and a doctorate in composition.  His music and graphic scores have been widely performed and exhibited through the UK, Holland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Canada and the USA.

The visual still plays a large part in his compositions, many of which are inspired by the art world such as Tinguely, Rauschenberg, Pollock, Riley and wHoIE (Warhol), and the (rather long) multi-tape environmental pieces Rothko (lasting 10 weeks, 3 days, 15 hours, 20 minutes) and Olitsky (which lasts 339,214 years 55 days).

Works for live instruments including Beach, for tape, amplified solo oboe, piano, percussion and ‘junk’ percussion with live electronics, Son of Cairn for amplified ensemble (Icebreaker) and tape and Rising “- -”, a piece for two or four harps, live electronics and live televisions.  Recent works include a saxophone quartet and a new work for solo viola, tape and electronics.

He has been a member of Icebreaker, as production assistant, since its inception, and his works can be heard as introductory music to most of Icebreaker’s concerts.