In memoriam Steve Martland (1954-2013)

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Following influential British composer Steve Martland’s sudden death at the age of only 58, this month’s Radio Icebreaker is devoted to his work.  James Poke presents a selection of Martland’s lively, rhythmic and effervescent music, including Icebreaker’s performances of Remix and Shoulder to Shoulder, as well as music for the Martland Band and some of his choral pieces.


All music by Steve Martland

Work Performed by  
Re-mix Icebreaker 4:33
Principia Steve Martland Band 3:14
Dance Works – Dance 2 Steve Martland Band 5:03
Dance Works – Dance 3 Steve Martland Band 4:58
Shoulder to Shoulder Icebreaker 11:33
Street Songs: Oranges and Lemons King’s Singers with Evelyn Glennie 4:55
From lands that see the sun arise BBC Singers 2:38
Beat The Retreat Steve Martland Band 11:06
Horses of Instruction (live) Combustion Chamber 14:07
Street Songs: Jenny Jones King’s Singers 8:08

Posted on June 5, 2013 in Radio Icebreaker