Kraftwerk: the early music

Presented by James Poke

This month’s Radio Icebreaker explores the early work of iconic krautrock band Kraftwerk, from their roots in the early ’70′s German experimental scene, and also features tasters of Icebreaker’s new live show, Kraftwerk Uncovered, reworkings of Kraftwerk’s music by J Peter Schwalm, with film by Sophie Clements and Toby Cornish, premiering on January 24th at the IMAX Theatre in London’s Science Museum

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Artist Track Album Year Time
Kraftwerk Elektrisches Roulette Ralf and Florian 1973 4:21
Kraftwerk Ruckzuck Kraftwerk 1970 7:50
Kraftwerk Strom Kraftwerk 2 1972 3:49
Organisation Silver Forest Tone Float 1970 3:16
Kraftwerk Transistor Radio-Activity 1975 2:14
Kraftwerk Home Computer Computer World 1981 6:18
Kraftwerk Radio Stars Radio-Activity 1975 3:34
Kraftwerk Numbers Computer World 1981 3:20
J. Peter Schwalm / Kraftwerk Heimcomputer Taster track for Kraftwerk Uncovered 4:55
J. Peter Schwalm / Kraftwerk Morgenspaziergang Taster track for Kraftwerk Uncovered 4:55
Kraftwerk Megaherz Kraftwerk 1970 9:33
Kraftwerk Heimatklänge Ralf and Florian 1973 3:59
Kraftwerk Tanzmusik Ralf and Florian 1973 6:40
Kraftwerk Kristallo Ralf and Florian 1973 6:23
Kraftwerk Airwaves Radio-Activity 1975 4:40


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