Post-rock meets post-minimalism

Presented by  James Poke

James Poke presents a selection of epic tracks from bands mixing post-rock and post-minimalist elements, featuring two mega-tracks by Irish band The Jimmy Cake, two slices of the music Liverpool band Ex-Easter Island Head make by hitting their guitars with mallets, a classic post-rock track by Yndi Halda and a chunk of Icebreaker’s album Trance.

Online 27 May 2016

To listen, go to:

Radio Icebreaker


Artist Track Dur’n
The Jimmy Cake Observatory Destroyer 20:50
Icebreaker / Michael Gordon Trance part 5 (excerpt) 7:29
Ex-Easter Island Head Large electric Ensemble, 2nd movement 13:05
Yndi Halda Illuminate My Heart My Darling 17:32
The Jimmy Cake Limestone Tiger 6:38
Ex-Easter Island Head Mallet Guitars Two 16:57
The Jimmy Cake Death Can Fuck Off 32:15

The latest show is currently online – follow the link above.

Posted on May 23, 2016 in Radio Icebreaker