The Essence of Jazz Flute, part 3

Presented by Rowland Sutherland

One of Icebreaker’s flautists, Rowland Sutherland presents another selection of jazz flute tracks, particularly featuring the work of Sam Most and Paul Horn, both of whom died recently, as well as performances by Joe Farrell, Herbie Mann, Alejandro Santos, and a featured appearance by Rowland himself.

Online 18 May 2015

To listen, go to:
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Artist(s) Track  
Sam Most & Joe Farrell Kim 6:00
Sam Most & Joe Farrell Samba To Remember You By 5:39
Sam Most But Beautiful 5:57
Herbie Mann feat. Sam Most Quintet Fascinating Rhythm 3:49
Herbie Mann feat. Sam Most Quintet Seven Comes Eleven 4:53
Sam Most Body and Soul 2:40
Paul Horn A Gift for Caesar 7:14
Paul Horn Anthony & Cleopatra Theme 4:00
The Paul Horn Quintet with voices Here’s That Rainy Day 2:23
Paul Horn Mirage for Miles 11:54
Paul Horn Chelsea Morning 2:59
Paul Horn feat. Andre Geraissati Sambinha (Little Samba) 3:13
Agustin Pereyra Lucena feat. Alejandro Santos De Oslo a Rio 4:32
Filomena Campus & Giorgio Serci feat. Adriano Adewale, Rowland Sutherland Scaramouche 4:34


Posted on May 19, 2015 in Radio Icebreaker