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System Restart tour

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October 8th 2017 at 8.00pm
Kings Place, 90 York Way, London  N1 9AG
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Anna Meredith - Nautilus Orlok
Jobina Tinnemans - Head, Mx & Throwing a Window Through Another Window
Elizabeth Kelly - On Edge
Linda Buckley - Azure
Kate Moore - The Dam (new version) - BREAKING NEWS!! - The Dam WINNER MATHIJS VERMEULENPRIJS 2017

Further concerts:

Audiograft Oxford, March 7th 2018
Sound Festival Aberdeen, November 2018

Time Unwrapped at Kings Place: 
Andriessen's de Snelheid

A performance of Louis Andriessen's seminal de Snelheid, plus music by Michael Gordon, Paul Whitty, Anna Meredith, and David Lang

Kings Place, 90 York Way, London  N1 9AG, May 5th 2018, at 8.00pm.
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Radio Icebreaker

New edition currently online

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The Essence of Jazz Flute, part 5
presented by Rowland Sutherland

Icebreaker flautist Rowland Sutherland presents another selection of jazz on the flute, focussing on the work of four great figures in jazz flute, Frank Wess, Sam Most, Buddy Collette and Björn J:son Lindh, alongside a live recording of Rowland and cellist Kate Shortt improvising at an Ethereal World club night at JazzLive at the Crypt, Camberwell.


Latest Album: Apollo

Engaged in an exploration between recorded electronic and live acoustic sound, Icebreaker and renowned pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole present their "moving and sublime" recording of Apollo.

Check it out on YouTube: Apollo album tracks playlist


System Restart tour 2017

Younger composers with talent and attitude are redefining music, and foremost amongst them an ever greater number of women - and this is being celebrated in Icebreaker's major new programme featuring music by six fantastic, free, empowered, uncategorisable women composers of the new generation.

New music by Jobina Tinnemans, whose work includes music for table tennis players and hedge shearers, You Are Wolf's Kerry Andrew, whose output includes an opera about swimming, and American Elizabeth Kelly, is complemented by Linda Buckley's exquisite, soaring Azure, plus Anna Meredith's Orlok and Nautilus from her surging, joyful Moshi Moshi EP's.

The programme concludes with Dutch-Australian composer Kate Moore's astonishing The Dam, this year's winner of the prestigious Matthijs Vermeulenprijs for composition.

The project is supported by PRS for Music Foundation, and has been touring from February 2017
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System Restart has also been supported by the RVW Trust and the Hinrichsen Foundation