Icebreaker Live

Kraftwerk Uncovered

Icebreaker perform a reworking of Kraftwerk’s music by J Peter Schwalm, with film by Sophie Clements and Toby Cornish.

NEXT PERFORMANCE: Howard Assembly Room, Leeds, 23rd January 2015

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A further performance of Icebreaker's new project – a reworking of music by Kraftwerk.

After performances at the Science Museum in 2014 (see the Guardian review), and touring to Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Dublin, the next performance is at the Howard Assembly Rooms Leeds on 23rd January 2014.

Supported by Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts

Radio Icebreaker

New edition currently online, featuring's new Beta site

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Kraftwerk Uncovered: A Future Past LIVE
presented by James Poke

On this month's Radio Icebreaker a live recording of Icebreaker's new project Kraftwerk Uncovered: A Future Past, from its premiere at the IMAX Cinema at London's Science Museum, with music by Kraftwerk, arranged and re-composed by J Peter Schwalm, including Peter's Modul 6, inspired by the album Radioactivity.  The performance includes Peter Schwalm performing live elctronics as part of the performance with Icebreaker.


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Latest Album: Apollo

Engaged in an exploration between recorded electronic and live acoustic sound, Icebreaker and renowned pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole present their "moving and sublime" performance of Apollo in a definitive and invigorating recording.