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Milton Court, The Barbican, London on October 11th 2016, at 7.30pm.

Performing the recent Kraftwerk Uncovered project in its entirety, for the first time in London since its premiere two years ago, Icebreaker will also be playing Nautilus and Orlok by Anna Meredith from her two Moshi Moshi EP's, and a new arrangement of Steve Martland's Beat The Retreat.

And Icebreaker will be joined by a familiar face in the form of pedal steel guitar maestro B J Cole for the world premiere of a new arrangement by Icebreaker's Audrey Riley of Scott Walker's Epizootics, from his most recent album, with Icebreaker and B J Cole accompanying Walker's original vocal alongside Olivier Groulx's film.

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Radio Icebreaker

New edition currently online

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Post-Rock Meets Post-Minimalism
presented by James Poke

James Pokepresents a selection of of epic tracks from bands mixing post-rock and post-minimalist elements, featuring two mega-tracks by Irish band The Jimmy Cake, two slices of the music Liverpool band Ex-Easter Island Head make by hitting their guitars with mallets, a classic post-rock track by Yndi Halda and a chunk of Icbreaker's album Trance.


Latest Album: Apollo

Engaged in an exploration between recorded electronic and live acoustic sound, Icebreaker and renowned pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole present their "moving and sublime" recording of Apollo.


Women composers project 2017

Icebreaker is happy to announce a major new touring programme for 2017 featuring music by women composers, who also just happen to be some of the most exciting artists out there making music at the current time.

The programme includes new pieces by Jobina Tinnemans, famed for making music out of the most unlikely sound sources – such as table tennis games, hedge shearing and page turning, Kerry Andrew, well known for her vocal works and vocal/electronic albums under her You Are Wolf moniker and the Anglo-Australian composer Kate Moore, whose work has been described as “a giant tsunami of sound” by the New York Times.

The other works are from Irish composer Linda Buckley, with her exquisite Azure, written for Icebreaker in 2015, and Anna Meredith, fresh from the success of her new album on the Moshi Moshi label, Varmints, with two tracks from her earlier EP’s – the thrilling songs Nautilus and Orlok.

The project is supported by PRS for Music Foundation,and will be touring from March 2017. 
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